Public Entity

Representation of public entities requires knowledge of voluminous statutes, regulations, and legal doctrines that are not applicable to private individuals and entities. LGC’s attorneys have gained that valuable knowledge through our significant experience representing state and local public entities, municipal entities, federal entities, governmental agencies and boards, and quasi-government entities in a variety of claims.

Tort Liability

LGC’s attorneys routinely represent public entity clients against claims under the state and federal Tort Claims Acts. We use our in-depth knowledge of those statutes to avail our clients of every possible defense and immunity, and have frequently obtained early dismissals of our public entity clients by invoking those complete defenses. In cases that cannot be dismissed or otherwise disposed of, LGC’s attorneys draw upon our substantial trial experience to successfully represent our public entity clients through verdict.

Constitutional Claims

LGC’s attorneys also have experience representing various public entities against constitutional claims. We have successfully defended our governmental and quasi-governmental entity clients against First Amendment claims and various theories alleged under 42 U.S.C. § 1983. Drawing upon our knowledge of constitutional principles, we often successfully dispose of these cases early in the pleadings states.

To learn more about LGC’s experience representing public entities, or to discuss how we can be of assistance to you, contact us.

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