Catastrophic Injury

Since the firm was founded, one of the cornerstones of LGC’s practice has been the defense of individuals and companies in cases of alleged significant personal injuries. LGC has successfully defended clients in cases where plaintiffs sought substantial damages after being injured in countless types of accidents, including:

In defending such a wide variety of types of accidents, LGC’s attorneys have gained experience with a myriad of significant types of injuries, including:

LGC has the experience to represent clients in every phase of personal injury cases. From the outset of a case, LGC’s attorneys can quickly identify key issues and potential dispositive defenses. The outstanding law and motion work of LGC’s attorneys has led to countless lawsuits being dismissed and judgments entered in our clients’ favor.

LGC’s attorneys also have significant trial experience to help guide clients when cases cannot be dismissed or otherwise resolved. In fact, two of LGC’s attorneys are members of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), a prestigious association open to only the most successful and experienced trial attorneys in the country. This trial experience has helped LGC’s attorneys achieve countless defense verdicts and other trial victories for our clients.

To learn more about LGC’s experience with catastrophic injury cases, or to discuss how we can be of assistance to you, contact us.

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