Product Liability

As part of our well-established catastrophic injury practice, LGC’s attorneys have significant experience representing manufacturers, retailers, distributers, designers, sellers, builders, and other entities against claims of alleged product defects. Our attorneys have defended cases involving a wide variety of products, including:

Based on our years of experience defending product liability cases, LGC’s attorneys are very familiar with the unique defenses available in such cases, the experts needed to successfully present our clients’ cases, and the common pitfalls in defending such cases. We work closely with our clients and experts to assess liability, determine risk, evaluate potential indemnity claims, and develop trial strategies.

Product liability claims often involve complex technical issues that can be difficult for jurors to fully comprehend. LGC’s attorneys draw upon our substantial trial experience to effectively present our clients’ case in a way that jurors can understand and relate to. This ability to effectively present our clients’ cases at trial has helped LGC’s attorneys achieve numerous defense verdicts and other trial victories for our clients in product liability cases.

To learn more about LGC’s experience with product liability cases, or to discuss how we can be of assistance to you, contact us.

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