Articles by Richard J. Reese
Impact Of The Families First Coronavirus Relief Act
California Appellate Decision Highlights Heavy Burden On Property Owners To Keep Their Premises Safe
Supreme Court Upholds Enforceability Of Individualized Arbitration Agreements In Employment Contracts
Appellate Decision Clarifies The Scope Of A Release Of Claims Against A Defendant’s “Affiliates”
Recent California Supreme Court Decision May Affect Discoverability Of Crawford Invoices
Appellate Court Clarifies Employers' Third-Party Indemnity Obligations In Employee Suits
Appellate Court Clarifies Obligation Of Corporations To Make Out-Of-State Records Available For Inspection By Shareholders
Appellate Court Addresses Enforceability Of Website “Terms Of Use” Under Browsewrap Agreements
Appellate Court Clarifies Burden Of Proof Regarding Independent Contractor Relationships
Court Of Appeal Expands Application Of Primary Assumption Of The Risk Doctrine To Recreational Activities
California Appellate Courts Split On Application Of Right To Repair Act
Appellate Court Confirms Evidence Of Settlement Is Admissible To Prove Bias And Prevent Collusion
Court Confirms Separate Actions May Be Filed Against Co-Obligors To A Contract
Why Businesses Must Be Familiar With The Song-Beverly Credit Card Act
Appellate Court Addresses Burden Of Proof For Contract Reliance Damages
Use Of Contractual Releases To Limit Liability For Negligence
Appellate Decision Restricts Use Of MSJs For Standing Issues In Construction Defect Cases
LGC Prevails Against New Construction Defect Theory
Difficulties In Applying SB 800 To Multi-Unit Projects
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